Brahms: Symphonies Nos. 1-4; Serenades Nos. 1 & 2; Haydn Variations

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RELEASE DATE: 26/10/2012
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There have been many recordings of the Brahms symphonies but few have the passion, vitality and drive of Istvan Kertesz`s Vienna Philharmonic cycle. This 4CD collection brings together all of Kertesz`s Brahms recordings for Decca. The two Serenades were recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra. His Wiener Philharmoniker Brahms cycle began in May 1964 with a recording of the Second Symphony and continued in 1972-73 with the remaining symphonies and the Variations on a theme of Haydn. Recording of the Variations commenced on 1 March 1972, and upon Kertesz`s passing (16 April 1973), the orchestra completed the recording on 14 May 1973, conductor-less, in his memory.

CD 1
1-4 Symphony No. 1 in C minor, Op. 68
5 Variations on a theme by Haydn, Op. 56a

CD 2
1-4 Symphony No. 2 in D major, Op. 73

CD 3
1-4 Symphony No. 3 in F major, Op. 90
5-8 Symphony No. 4 in E minor, Op. 98

Wiener Philharmoniker
István Kertész

CD 4
1-6 Serenade No. 1 in D major, Op. 11
7-11 Serenade No. 2 in A major, Op. 16

London Symphony Orchestra
István Kertész

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