Classic 100: Beethoven

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Beethoven epitomises the hope and humanity at the core of music’s purpose, from the inspiring story of the deaf man who became the greatest composer of all time, to the moments when Beethoven has provided a soundtrack to the great events of history, to the comfort and joy of his music in our everyday lives.

In 2019, Beethoven was revealed as Australia’s favourite composer, topping the Classic 100: Composer countdown. And so in 2020, to celebrate his 250th birthday, we’re dedicating the Classic 100 to Beethoven.

We’re asking you: what’s your favourite Beethoven?

This 8CD collection features selections from all 100 of the pieces featured in the countdown.

Voting is open until June 1. Vote for your favourite now at and be listening to ABC Classic on June 6-7 as the top pieces are revealed.

Tune in to ABC Classic across June 6-7
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