Christoph Eschenbach - Piano Lessons (16 CD)

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16 CD
Christoph Eschenbach recorded most of the pedagogical piano repertoire. Eschenbach’s longstanding commitment to the education of promising young musicians – “Those one hundred percent artists”, as he calls them – earned him worldwide recognition as a promoter of rising talent.

Piano Lessons a comprehensive edition of pedagogical piano repertoire, featuring pieces every piano student encounters during their studies. Most of the recordings will be released internationally for the first time, it includes many first editions to the UMG catalogue and plenty of unique repertoire, and many of the recordings are short tracks perfectly suited to playlisting.

CD1 BEYER: Preparatory School, op. 101; MOZART: Minuet in F major, K.2; SCHUMANN: Fröhlicher Landmann

CD2 BURGMÜLLER: 25 Studies, op. 100; J.S. BACH: Various Pieces BWV 114, 115, 132, 813/5, 820/3, 822/5-7, 122, 124, 127, 808/6, 811/6, 816/4, 933-938

CD3 J.S. BACH: Inventions & Sinfonias BWV 772-786 & 787-801

CD4 CZERNY: 30 Etudes de Mécanisme, op. 849

CD5 CZERNY: 40 Etudes op. 299 “School of Velocity”

CD6 KUHLAU: 3 Sonatinas op. 20; 3 Sonatinas op. 55, No. 1-3; CLEMENTI: Sonatinas op. 36/1-5

CD7 KUHLAU: Sonatinas op. 55, No. 4-6; Sonatinas op. 88, No. 1-2; CLEMENTI: Sonatina op. 36, No. 6; Sonatinas op. 37, No. 2 and op. 38, No. 1

CD8 CLEMENTI: Sonatinas op. 38, No. 2-3;BEETHOVEN: Sonatina in G major; Sonatina in F major; DUSSEK: Sonatina op. 20, No. 1; Sonatina in A major, op. 20, No. 4; DIABELLI: 3 Sonatinas op. 151

CD9 HAYDN: Sonatas Hob. XVI: 27, 34-37

CD10 MOZART: Sonata in C major, K.545; Sonata in F major, K.547a Anh. 135; Sonata in F major, K.332; Sonata in G major, K.283, Sonata in A major, K.331

CD11 BEETHOVEN: Sonatas op. 49, No. 1-2; Sonata in G major, op. 79; Sonatas op. 14, No. 1-2

CD12 HAYDN: Sonatas Hob. XVI: 40 & 49; BEETHOVEN: Sonata in C minor, op.13 "Pathétique"; Sonata in F minor, op.2, No.1.

CD13 HAYDN: Sonata in E flat major, Hob. XVI: 28;MOZART: Sonata in B flat major, K.333; BEETHOVEN: Sonata in A flat major, op. No. 26

CD14 MOZART: Sonata in F major, K.280; Sonata in F major, K.533 (494); Sonata in A minor, K.310; BEETHOVEN: Moonlight Sonata op. 27, No.2

CD15-16 MENDELSSOHN: Songs without words (complete)

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