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Classic 100: Music For The Screen (6CD)

The Classic 100 is one of the highlights of Australia’s classical music calendar: an annual survey of ABC Classic listeners to find out what music means the most to them. This year the theme was music created for the screen, including TV series themes and the music of video games as well as cinema soundtracks – and listeners turned out in record numbers to share their favourites.

This 6CD set brings together music from all 100 of Australia’s favourite soundtracks: over six hours of screen masterpieces by John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morricone, Joe Hisaishi, Rachel Portman, Nigel Westlake, Bernard Herrmann, Danny Elfman, Maurice Jarre, Howard Shore and many, many more. Dramatic or delightful, romantic or thrilling, playful or mysterious, this is a must-have collection of music created to bring new worlds alive.

1. WILLIAMS Star Wars
2. SHORE The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship
3. MORRICONE The Mission: Gabriel's Oboe
4. WILLIAMS Harry Potter: Hedwig's Theme
5. WILLIAMS Schindler's List
6. BADELT / ZIMMER Pirates of the Caribbean
7. VANGELIS Chariots of Fire
8. WILLIAMS Jurassic Park Suite
9. BARRY Out of Africa
10. DJAWADI Game of Thrones
11. WILLIAMS Raiders of the Lost Ark
13. NYMAN The Piano: The Heart Asks Pleasure First
14. MORRICONE The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
15. JARRE Doctor Zhivago: Lara's Theme
16. DAVIS Pride and Prejudice
17. JARRE Lawrence of Arabia
18. BURGON Brideshead Revisited
19. ZIMMER Gladiator: Suite
20. THEODORAKIS Zorba the Greek: Zorba's Dance
21. HISAISHI Howl’s Moving Castle: Merry-Go-Round
22. MORRICONE Cinema Paradiso
23. KONDO The Legend of Zelda
24. WESTLAKE Babe: If I Had Words
25. TIERSEN Amelie’s Waltz
26. SHOSTAKOVICH The Gadfly: Romance
27. ZIMMER Interstellar: Cornfield Chase
28. ZIMMER The Lion King: This Land
29. O'DONNELL / SALVATORI Halo 3: Finish the Fight
30. LUNN Downton Abbey
31. KNOPFLER Local Hero: Going Home
32. HISAISHI Spirited Away: One Summer’s Day
33. ROWLAND Man from Snowy River
34. COATES The Dam Busters March
35. BARRY Dances with Wolves: John Dunbar Theme
36. VANGELIS Blade Runner: Love Theme
37. POWELL How to Train Your Dragon: Forbidden Friendship
38. WESTLAKE Antarctica: Penguin Ballet
39. MYERS The Deer Hunter: Cavatina
40. GÖRANSSON The Mandalorian
41. ROTA The Godfather: Speak Softly Love
42. WILLIAMS E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
43. BERNSTEIN The Magnificent Seven
44. PHELOUNG Inspector Morse
45. HORNER Titanic: My Heart Will Go On
46. PORTMAN Chocolat
47. SILVESTRI Back to The Future
48. STEINER Gone with The Wind: Tara's Theme
49. ZIMMER Inception: Time
50. BADALAMENTI Twin Peaks
51. MARIANELLI Pride and Prejudice: Dawn/Georgiana
52. KONDO Super Mario Bros
53. ARMSTRONG Love Actually: Glasgow Love Theme
54. C418 Minecraft: Sweden
55. WILLIAMS Superman
56. MCCREARY Outlander: People Disappear All the Time
58. DUDLEY Suite from Poldark
59. KNOPFLER The Princess Bride: Once upon a Time / Storybook Love
60. GIACCHINO Up: A Married Life
61. SILVESTRI Avengers Assemble
62. ROTA Romeo and Juliet: Love Theme
63. BERNSTEIN The Great Escape
64. UEMATSU Final Fantasy: One Winged Angel
65. ZIMMER The Crown
66. HISAISHI My Neighbour Totoro: The Wind Forest
67. JONES The Last of the Mohicans
68. SMEATON Picnic at Hanging Rock
69. SILVESTRI Forrest Gump: Feather Theme
70. ELFMAN The Simpsons
71. GOODALL The Vicar of Dibley: The Lord is my Shepherd
72. NORMAN The James Bond Theme
73. ZIMMER Dune: Paul's Dream
74. ZIMMER / HOWARD The Dark Knight: Why So Serious?
75. MASUDA Pokémon: Red and Blue
76. MENCKEN / ELLIOTT ASHMAN Beauty and the Beast
77. SHORE The Hobbit: Over Hill
78. HORNER Braveheart: A Gift of a Thistle
79. TAN DUN Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Eternal Vow
80. GIACCHINO The Incredibles
81. BARRY Born Free
82. WESTLAKE Miss Potter: When You Taught Me to Dance
83. BUSH Bluey Theme Tune (Instrument Parade)
84. HERRMANN Psycho: The Murder
85. NEWMAN American Beauty: Any Other Name
86. GREGSON-WILLIAMS / POWELL Shrek: Fairytale
87. GREGSON-WILLIAMS The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe: Only the Beginning of the Adventure
88. YARED The English Patient: As Far as Florence / Rupert Bear
89. DAFT PUNK Tron Legacy: Recognizer
90. HERRMANN Vertigo: Prelude / The Nightmare
91. DOYLE Henry V: Non Nobis Domine
92. DOYLE Sense and Sensibility: My Father’s Favourite
93. NEWMAN Toy Story: You've Got a Friend in Me
94. SCHIFRIN Mission: Impossible
95. ZIMMER Dunkirk: Supermarine
96. GLASS The Hours: The Poet Acts
97. PARKER Foyle's War
98. MANCINI Breakfast at Tiffany's: Moon River
99. ELFMAN Edward Scissorhands
100. GOLD Exodus: Overture