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Geoff McGarvey / Glenn Heaton

Water | Forest (2CD)

Escape from the fuss and busyness of city living and enter a world of beauty and pure calm.

From soothing rain to rippling streams, from birdsong and rustling forest leaves to the wide ocean’s waves washing endlessly onto the patient sand, nature’s symphony sings to us of new life and new hope. Like a mantra, the sounds of the natural world blend with gentle, dream-like music to create a place of healing and renewal.

Disc 1 Water

  1. Endless Sea
  2. Lavender Stream
  3. Gentle Rain
  4. By the Lake
  5. The Shore
  6. Night Rain
Disc 2 Forest
  1. Blue Gum Morning
  2. High Forest
  3. Green under Sun
  4. Casuarinas
  5. Meadow Song
  6. Ghost Gums
All tracks composed and performed by Geoff McGarvey & Glenn Heaton