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Genevieve Lacey

Breathing Space (CD)

Created by ARIA Award-winning composer and performer Genevieve Lacey, Breathing Space is an oasis of quiet reverberations, revealing the calls, tremulations and deep stirrings of country.

Commissioned by the National Museum of Australia for its Garden of Australian Dreams installation, the composition is vast, in response to the epic continent of Australia.

It summons the miraculous and precious biological and human diversity of this ancient land. It’s a gently, constantly shifting sound world, a way to think, to dream, and to quietly link inner and outer worlds.

1. The World Will Always Need Its Dreamers 2. Country Renews 3. Cool Burning 4. All Time Is Intertwined 5. Into the Trees 6. Imilang Yinya 7. The Flow of Rivers, of Tides, of Stars 8. Forget My Name 9. The Ancestors Bring the Life Back