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Jan Garbarek


A hauntingly beautiful combination of medieval unaccompanied choral music and jazz saxophone, featuring The Hilliard Ensemble and Jan Garbarek. Since its release in 1994 it has become a perennial best seller. The writer Marius Gabriel remarked that Officium is ‘what Coltrane hears in heaven’.

1. Parce mihi domine (Christóbal de Morales) 2. Primo tempore (Anonymous) 3. Sanctus (Anonymous) 4. Regnanten Sempiterna (Anonymous) 5. O Salutaris Hostia (Pierre de la Rue) 6. Procedentem sponsum (Anonymous) 7. Pulcherrima rosa (Anonymous) 8. Parce mihi domine (de Morales) 9. Beata viscera (Magister Perotinus) 10. De spineto nata rosa (Anonymous) 11. Credo (Anonymous) 12. Ave maris stella (Guillaume Dufay) 13. Virgo flagellatur (Anonymous) 14. Oratio Ieremiae (Anonymous) 15. Parce mihi domine (de Morales)