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Wolfgang Schneiderhan / Carl Seeman

Beethoven: Complete Violin Sonatas (3CD + Blu Ray Audio)

Ludwig van Beethoven’s ten violin sonatas reflect many facets of the composer’s personality and cover most of his mature career. They also bring out many qualities in the musicians who perform them.

Beethoven was ideally positioned to write such pieces: he was a pianist of brilliant technique and improvisatory flair; and understood perfectly the technical demands that could be placed on the violin. He inherited the sonata for piano and violin (which was how he thought of it) in good order from Mozart.

To the graceful, lyrical, well-shaped structures of the older composer, he added even greater interdependence of the parts, an explosive dramatic quality and a hearty sense of humour.

The brilliant interpretations of Wolfgang Schneiderhan and Carl Seemann in their classic 1959 cycle of Beethoven’s Violin Sonatas recorded in the Vienna Musikverein (Brahms-Saal) in 1959 by legendary Producer Elsa Schiller are now released in a stunning new 24 bit/192kHz remastering by Emil Berlin Studios as 3-CD + Blu-ray Audio package and as HD/MfiT and Standard digital albums using the new remastering.