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Arooj Aftab

Night Reign (CD)

Verve Records is proud to announce Night Reign, the next album from GRAMMY® winning artist Arooj Aftab.

Stepping away from, though never forgetting, the grief and loss that animated her most recent solo album Vulture Prince (which features the GRAMMY® Best Global Music Performance-winning track “Mohabbat”), on which she faced what can too quickly and easily be taken away, Aftab appears here with original music and in yet another form: as bard of everyday possibility, quietude, and life-altering romance.

About Night Reign, Arooj Aftab writes, “These songs focus on the night, which has many faces. For me, the night is still, quiet and healing. The night provides shelter within which I recount memories and come to terms with circumstances.

“The night is my biggest source of inspiration: where new connections with people are made; where movement in the streets of New York is at its peak; where we fall in love again… and again; where we lose ourselves to its powers … The night is for resolutions, to prepare for a new dawn … The night is for stepping into one’s power and manifesting who one wishes to ultimately be.”

Night Reign is also a vivid reflection of the creative community Aftab has fostered in her home of Brooklyn, New York, with confirmed featured artists including: Vijay Iyer, Cautious Clay, Moor Mother, James Francies, Joel Ross, Kaki King, Maeve Gilchrist; and Chocolate Genius, Inc.

1. Aey Nehin
2. Na Gul
3. Autumn Leaves (ft. James Francies) *
4. Bolo Na (ft. Moor Mother & Joel Ross)
5. Saaqi (ft. Vijay Iyer)
6. Last Night (Reprise) (ft. Cautious Clay, Kaki King, Maeve Gilchrist) *
7. Raat Ki Rani
8. Whiskey *
9. Zameen (ft. Chocolate Genius, Inc.)

*English-language track. All other tracks sung in Urdu.

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