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Grigoryan Brothers

Amistad (CD)

Amistad is the third in a series of releases from Slava & Leonard Grigoryan, beginning with Distance (2009) and This Time (2014). Departing from conventional guitar repertoire, the trio of albums embraces diverse influences, featuring self-penned works and collaborations with friends from around the globe. 

Throughout their musical journey spanning over two decades, Slava and Leonard have forged connections with like-minded souls worldwide. Each track on Amistad, released by Decca Australia, is a gift from composers met during their travels, some tailored specifically for the brothers, while others find new life through their unique interpretations.  Contributions have come from such diverse composers as Cuban guitarist Leo Brouwer, legendary jazz guitarist Ralph Towner, Sting's guitarist Dominic Miller, guitarist Gus Isidore (Seal, Peter Gabriel), Australian neo-classical pianists Luke Howard and Nat Bartsch, and more.  Crafted with love, respect, and a profound understanding, these compositions symbolise the reciprocal appreciation between the composers and the Grigoryan Brothers. Amistad, meaning ‘friendship’ in Spanish, is a celebration of camaraderie — a project resonating with respect and connection, a heartfelt tribute from the brothers.

1. Kindling – Nat Bartsch * 2. Do You Want Me – Dominic Miller 3. In Autumn Mist – William Lovelady * 4. Amistad – Luke Howard * 5. Blue Mountains I. Lentamente* 6. Blue Mountains: II. Toccata vivace* 7. Lucky Breaks – Wolfgang Muthspiel * 8. Branch Lines – Phil Dearing * 9. The Strait of Messina– Ralph Towner* 10. Cruising – Al Slavik | Spanish In 7 – Gus Isidore 11. Songs From The Forest – Nigel Westlake 12. Light After Diamonds – Shaun Rigney * * world premier recording