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Norma Winstone, Kit Downes

Outpost of Dreams (CD)

Outpost of Dreams introduces a new duo. Norma Winstone, as always quietly innovative as jazz singer and lyricist, brings her vocal subtlety and poetic sensibility to new pieces by Kit Downes, and to compositions by Carla Bley, Ralph Towner, and John Taylor. The programme is completed with fresh perspectives on two traditional tunes, “Black Is The Colour” and “Rowing Home.” Throughout Downes offers elegantly phrased accompaniment and adventurous interjections. Outpost of Dreams was recorded in Udine in April 2023.

1. El (Norma Winstone, Kit Downes) 2. Fly the Wind (Norma Winstone, John Taylor) 3. Jesus Maria (Norma Winstone, Carla Bley) 4. Beneath an Evening Sky (Norma Winstone, Ralph Towner) 5. Out of the Dancing Sea (Norma Winstone, Aidan O'Rourke) 6. The Steppe (Norma Winstone, Kit Downes) 7. Nocturne (Norma Winstone, Kit Downes) 8. Black Is the Colour (Traditional) 9. In Search of Sleep (Norma Winstone, Kit Downes) 10. Rowing Home (Norma Winstone, Traditional) ARTISTS Norma Winstone, voice Kit Downes, piano