Beautiful Friendship

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RELEASE DATE: 22/11/2019
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This beautiful friendship between Australian jazz great James Morrison and US jazz great Jeff Clayton began when they both joined the Philip Morris Superband in 1989. The following year the band toured the world with Ray Charles and B.B. King - playing Concerts on every continent, from New York to Cairo, Casablanca to Seoul and of course all over Australia. This is a friendship formed on the road, touring and performing, and has remained rich and musically fruitful ever since.

While on one of Jeff's many visits to Australia James and Jeff decided to document this long relationship by recording this album – aptly titled “Beautiful Friendship”.

Accompanying Jeff and James on these sessions were the Australian born, Polish raised, now NY based pianist Konrad Paszkudzki and long-time associate of James’ - Australian drummer Gordon Rytmeister. Another long-time Morrison favourite, bassist Phil Stack started the session the first day but rather unfortunately broke his arm that night and was replaced for the second day’s recording by Brett Hirst.
Beautiful Friendship
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I Love You Entrevous
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Mother Teressa
I Love You…Sometimes
J & J Shuffle
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I Want to Be Happy
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