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Adam Spark

Snow vs Mountain (CD)

Adam Spark, best known as the driving force behind anthemic ARIA Award and multiple APRA Award winning rock band Birds of Tokyo. His debut neo-classical album Snow vs Mountain is a meditation on survival. It is music of hope, born out of dark times.

Snow vs Mountain was created by Spark in Sydney, Byron Bay and London, working in collaboration with post rock prodigy Otto Wicks Green (sleepmakeswaves). The legendary British arranger Audrey Riley, known for her string arrangements for the likes of Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, Coldplay, The Smiths and on the self-titled Birds of Tokyo album. Asked to explain the Snow vs Mountain project title, Adam Spark said: “It’s like an age-old battle between the cold weathered snow and the resilient, silent mountain. In the face of every bitter challenge, it endures, resigned to accepting that this too will pass. Stay strong, be unmoving and you’ll be fine.”

1. Aparticle
2. Bnzai
3. Arbor
4. Debris
5. In Closure
6. Kintsugi
7. Harbouring
8. Shiny
9. Isolations
10. Polychroma
11. Til Tomorrow
12. Welcome To The Sky
13. Cumulus