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André Rieu

Magic of the Waltz (DVD)

Magic of the Waltz on DVD presents the most beautiful and enchanting waltzes, selected, curated, performed, and sometimes even composed, by André himself.



From a very early age, André Rieu knew that there was something magical about waltz music. Defining this magic and making it accessible for everyone became his life's mission so he was crowned by his audiences as "King of The Waltz."

These are just a few of the musical highlights: The brand new "Windsor Waltz," written for the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday, the famous "Blue Danube," "Edelweiss," "The Godfather," as well as the incredible "And The Waltz Goes On."

1. Viennese Citizen
2. Gold and Silver
3. Morningpapers
4. Seventy - Six Trombones
5. The Godfather Waltz
6. Clogdance
7. Clogdance (encore)
8. The Gypsy Princess Medley, ARV_10
9. I Like To Dance (Love, love, love)
10. The Swallow Song
11. How Could I Know?
12. I Like To Dance (Love, love, love)
13. Love Live Forever
14. Carnival Of Venice, ARV_10
15. Libiamo (Drinking Song)
16. Carnival Of Venice
17. Estudiantina
18. Over The Waves
19. The Bat
20. Fächerpolonaise
21. Roses From The South
22. Vieni sul mar, ARV_14
23. The White Horse Inn
24. The White Horse Inn
25. The Beautiful Blue Danube
26. Strauss & Co.
27. A Bright Young Man
28. The Beautiful Blue Danube
29. Viennese Blood
30. Lips Are Sealed
31. I Like To Dance
32. Roses From The South