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André Rieu

Live In Maastricht Ii (DVD)

André is home again! Back in his home town of Maastricht in time for the traditional summer evening concert on the Vrijthof. Once again the famous square has been transformed into a fabulous open-air temple to music. And this new live DVD will allow you to experience André Rieu at his best. It features the Johann Strauss Orchestra, 100 children from the music school, the Platinum Tenors, Mirusia, Carmen and Suzan and the 13-year-old musical talent Melissa Venema on the trumpet. A real high point is the performance with the world-famous Mastreechter Staar male voice choir. And the spectacular appearance of 150 choir members holding torches was a musical and visual delight that you simply cannot miss.

1. Seventy-six Trombones
2. Flieger March
3. Clavelitos
4. Irish Washerwoman
5. Chianti Lied
6. Nessun Dorma
7. Ole Guapa
8. Ave Maria
9. Amigos Para Siempre
10. Il Silenzio
11. Bugler's Holiday
12. Conquest of Paradise
13. Soldiers' Chrous
14. Twelve Robbers
15. Huntsmen's chorus
16. Funiculi, Funiculi
17. La Vergine degli angeli
18. When I'm Sixty-Four
19. Oh Fortuna (Carmina Burana)
20. Radetzky March
21. Strauss & Co.
22. Maastricht Hymn
23. Maastricht, Stadt der frohlichen Sanger
24. Die kleine Kneipe
25. La donna e mobile
26. Wie schon unser Limberg ist