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Anouar Brahem

Khomsa (CD)

Khomsa, Anouar Brahem's fourth album for ECM, is based on compositions that Brahem wrote for Tunisian theater and — above all — for film. Brahem has worked with two of Tunisia's most renowned directors, with Férid Boughdir for
the film "Halfaouine", and with Nouri Bouzid; the title Khomsa refers to the protagonist of the same name from Bouzid's film "Bezness".

Khomsa brings together seven musicians in the most diverse chamber music constellations; the result maintains the exciting balance between the rather elegiac undertone of the films that permeates the music and the dynamic, lively openness of the musical encounters that take place here.

1. Comme Un Départ
2. L'Infini Jour
3. Souffle Un Vent De Sable
4. Regard De Mouette
5. Sur L'Infini Bleu
6. Claquent les voiles
7. Vague
8. E la nave va
9. Ain Ghazel
10. Khomsa
11. Seule
12. Nouvelle Vague
13. En Robe D'Olivier
14. Des Rayons Et Des Ombres
15. Un Sentier D'Alliance
16. Comme une absence