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Anthony Lewis

Handel: Sosarme (2CD)

Alfred Deller’s only complete recording of a Handel opera.

First staged at the King’s Theatre in London in February 1732 and revived two years later, Sosarme was not heard again in full (if not entirely complete) until a BBC broadcast in January 1955, conducted by Anthony Lewis. Conductor and performers then made this recording a month later under the aegis of Louise Hanson-Dyer and her L’Oiseau-Lyre label.

Sosarme – Alfred Deller
Haliate – William Herbert
Erenice – Nancy Evans
Elmira – Margaret Ritchie
Argone – John Kentish
Melo – Helen Watts
Altomaro – Ian Wallace
St. Anthony Singers
The Saint Cecilia Orchestra
Terence Weil, cello
Thurston Dart, harpsichord (harpsichord by Thomas Goff)
Anthony Lewis