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Bamberger Symphoniker / Jakub Hrusa

Hans Rott: Symphony No 1 (CD)

Deutsche Grammophon presents a new recording of Hans Rott's Symphony No. 1. The Bamberger Symphoniker is conducted by Jaku Hrůša and the grip and energy, depth and beauty of these performances will make you wonder how Rott ever went below the radar. An impressive recording by a composer whose rediscovery in recent years has repeatedly delighted audiences and enriched our knowledge of late romantic music.


Hans Rott wrote his first symphony, his most important work - full of groundbreaking musical ideas and a unique vision of how the symphony might develop - from 1878-1880, at a time when his younger classmate Mahler was just starting out and his mentor Bruckner was finding his way through his middle period was struggling. Jakub Hrůša juxtaposes this masterpiece with works by Mahler and Bruckner and sheds new light on a work that deserves to be at the center of the symphonic repertoire.

HANS ROTT (1858–1884)
Symphony No. 1 in E major (56’31)
I Alla breve
II Sehr langsam
III Scherzo. Frisch und lebhaft – Trio
IV Sehr langsam – Die Halben wie die früheren Viertel. Belebt – Noch ein wenig belebter. Fuge – Tempo der Einleitung, die Viertel wie die früheren Halben

GUSTAV MAHLER (1860–1911)
Andante allegretto ‘Blumine’ (7’21)

ANTON BRUCKNER (1824–1896)
Symphonic Prelude in C minor (6’19’)