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Barre Phillips / György Kurtág Jr

Face á Face (CD)

The improvised music on double bass and avant-garde electronic music from György Kurtág Jr. – son of the greatest contemporary Hungarian composer – share a deep passion for creating music in the moment. With his subtle use of synthesizers and digital percussion, György shapes ever-changing spaces for Barre Phillips - an acoustic labyrinth - that are clearly illuminated in Manfred Eicher's detailed mix. A thoroughly mesmerising album, Face à Face was recorded at Studios La Buissonne in the south of France.

1. Beyond
2. The Under Zone
3. Two by Two
4. Across the Aisle
5. Algobench
6. Chosen Spindle
7. Extended Circumstances
8. Bunch
9. Sharpen Your Eyes
10. Ruptured Air
11. Stand Alone
12. Forest Shouts