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Benjamin Lackner

Last Decade (CD)

German-American pianist Benjamin Lackner makes his ECM debut with a star-studded quartet of Manu Katché on drums, trumpeter Mathias Eick and Jérôme Regard on bass. Mathias and Manu share a longstanding association with the label, and their respectively unique instrumental signatures can be traced across this set of exclusively original material – eight pieces by Benjamin, one by Jérôme. The bassist and the leader’s partnership goes all the way back to 2006, when Jérôme joined Benjamin’s trio, which remains active until today. Two decades of close collaboration have molded them into intimate colleagues, who complement one another’s lines intuitively. Mathias Eick and Manu Katché’s effortless musicianship enhances the quartet’s fluid interplay.

Last Decade was recorded in Studios La Buissonne, Pernes-Les-Fontaines and produced by Manfred Eicher.

1. Where Do We Go From Here
2. Circular Confidence
3. Camino Cielo
4. Hung Up On That Ghost
5. Last Decade
6. Remember This
7. Open Minds Lost
8. Émile
9. My People