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Bill Frisell

Four (CD)

Bill Frisell, the acclaimed guitarist’s, new album Four is a stunning meditation on loss, renewal, and friendships that was produced by Lee Townsend on Blue Note. The album convenes a new line-up of musical friends, independent spirits, and like minds with Gerald Clayton on piano, Johnathan Blake on drums, and longtime collaborator Greg Tardy on saxophone, clarinet, and bass clarinet.

The album’s first single “Waltz for Hal Willner” was a poignant tribute to Frisell’s dear friend, but Four also transmits joy, exuberance, and hope. A quirky, syncopated gesture, and feature for Blake, “Holiday” presents a compelling example of the album’s through line. “It’s just a few notes in the melody,” says Frisell. “There are these little signposts that we can hit together, but it’s pretty minimal information. It’s a structure — a jungle gym that we’re all climbing around.

1. Dear Old Friend (for Alan Woodard)
2. Claude Utley
3. The Pioneers
4. Holiday
5. Waltz for Hal Willner
6. Lookout for Hope
7. Monroe
8. Wise Woman
9. Blues from Before
10. Always
11. Good Dog, Happy Man
12. Invisible
13. Dog on a Roof