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Celtic Woman

Postcards From Ireland (CD)

Postcards from Ireland–Celtic Woman’s new album represents the sentiment they would like to share with their fans around the world. One of love, hope and expectation as the world looks towards getting back together again.
What better way to express these wishes than to write and send a postcard, but this postcard is written with the music and songs from Celtic Woman’s latest album.
Postcards from Ireland features 13 brand new songs, and is the group’s first new studio album since 2018’s Ancient Land. It features new arrangements of beautiful and iconic songs including "The Dawning of the Day", "Wild Mountain Thyme", "The Galway Shawl" and "Black is the Colour" among others.

1. The Dawning of the Day
2. Bonny Portmore
3. Mise Éi
4. Wild Mountain Thyme
5. Beeswing featuring The Longest Johns
6. Down by the Salley Gardens
7. Where Sheep May Safely Graze
8. Angel
9. The Lakes of Pontchartrain
10. May It B
11. The Calm of the Day / The Banshee
12. The Galway Shawl
13. Black is the Colour