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Cody Fry

The End (CD)

Cody Fry shot to internet stardom when his song "I Hear A Symphony" went viral on TikTok. It was soon followed by a second viral track, a sophisticated symphonic pop cover of the Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby." On The End - his debut album with Decca Records U.S. - Cody rolls the credits on a difficult few years of panic, pandemic and crisis, and looks to the future. Touching on themes of anxiety and potential with a cinematic Golden Age glow, The End is bold, quirky, dark nostalgic and hopeful.

1. The End
2. What If
3. Waltz For Sweatpants
4. Traveling Alone
5. Somebody To You
6. Things You Said
7. Fine
8. You’re Gonna Be Okay
9. Fix You