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Dominik Wania

Lonely Shadows (CD)

Wania’s sensitivity to touch, tone and texture is informed by his classical background. But he also has the in-the-moment instincts of a great improviser, acutely focused on the unfolding details of the music in the responsive interior of the Auditorio Stelio Molo studio. The balancing of influences from both disciplines makes Dominik Wania one of the most distinctive players of his generation.

1. LONELY SHADOWS (Dominik Wania) 05:59
2. NEW LIFE EXPERIENCE (Dominik Wania) 03:50
3. MELTING SPIRIT (Dominik Wania) 03:47
4. TOWARDS THE LIGHT (Dominik Wania) 06:27
5. RELATIVITY (Dominik Wania) 03:36
6. LIQUID FLUID (Dominik Wania) 04:29
7. THINK TWICE (Dominik Wania) 03:35
8. AG76 (Dominik Wania) 06:13
9. SUBJECTIVE OBJECTIVITY (Dominik Wania) 02:33
10. INDIFFERENT ATTITUDE (Dominik Wania) 02:20
11. ALL WHAT REMAINS (Dominik Wania) 05:56