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Elina Duni / Rob Luft

Lost Ships (CD)

Elina Duni and Rob Luft’s program of songs of love and exile has been gathering momentum since 2017, when the Albanian-Swiss singer and the British guitarist began their collaboration. Along the way the duo has been augmented by distinguished guests, with Swiss flugelhornist Matthieu Michel and UK pianist/percussionist Fred Thomas here making significant contributions.

1. BELLA CI DORMI (Traditional) 06:52
2. BRIGHTON (Elina Duni, Rob Luft) 05:44
3. I’M A FOOL TO WANT YOU (Frank Sinatra, Jack Wolf , Joel Herron) 04:27 Play
4. NUMB (Elina Duni, Rob Luft) 06:32
5. LOST SHIPS (Elina Duni, Rob Luft) 05:22
6. THE WAYFARING STRANGER (Traditional) 05:12
7. FLYING KITES (Elina Duni, Rob Luft) 04:52
8. LUX (Elina Duni, Rob Luft) 05:21
9. KUR MË DEL NË DERË (Traditional) 04:09
10. N’AT ZAMAN (Traditional) 04:26
11. EMPTY STREET (Elina Duni, Rob Luft) 01:52
12. HIER ENCORE (Charles Aznavour) 03:44