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MCMXC A.D (Reissue) (LP)

The music project ENIGMA started by mastermind Michael Cretu back in the 90s literally wrote music history: with over 70 million record sales, more than 60 #1 charts rankings around the globe and over 100 platinum awards it became the biggest German music act of the last 30 years.

With his complex spherical music paired with meditative beats and fascinating vocal samples, Michael Cretu broke new ground for electronic music as such.

1. The Voice Of Enigma
2. Principles Of Lust: Sadeness / Find Love / Sadeness (Reprise)
3. Callas Went Away

1. Mea Culpa
2. The Voice & The Snake
3. Knocking On Forbidden Doors
4. Back To The Rivers Of Belief: Way To Eternity / Hallelujah / The Rivers Of Belief