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Evergreen Ensemble

One Hundred Days Away (CD)

One Hundred Days Away, is a haunting album focusing on songs and tunes that are linked to the sea, a nostalgia for ‘home’, or the struggle to settle in unfamiliar lands. Part classical, part folk, part Scottish, part Australian, this album captures the musical – and emotional – landscape of the early Australian settlement.



1.Spreading the Sea-Wrack / Native Land, Adieu!
2.The Tasmanian Set: Mrs Huston’s Strathspey / Major Laing of Burnside / Lieut H. Brown, Derwent Rifles 1860
3.Gloomy Winter’s Noo Awa
4.Duet on Scottish Airs
5.Miss Ann Crocker’s Waltz / Our Friends Over the Sea The Beggar’s Opera Suite:
7.Love Will Find Out The Way
8.When She Came Ben She Bobbit / Polwart on the Green
9.Greig’s Pipes
10.Thou Ling’ring Star / Baillie Strathspey
11.Victoria Schottische / Picnic Polka
12.Auld Lang Syne