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Gianluigi Trovesi, Stefano Montanari

Stravaganze Consonanti (CD)

In this inspired collaboration with conductor and baroque violinist Stefano Montanari, the masterful Italian reedman Gianluigi Trovesi extends the line of musical enquiry posited on his Prufumo di violetta album. Supported by a cast of players well-versed in the ancient sounds of period instruments and the art of historical performance practice, Trovesi looks anew at music of the renaissance and the baroque – at Purcell, Dufay, Trabaci, Desprez and more – adding compositions of his own and stirring some improvising with percussion and electronics man Fulvio Maras into the intoxicating brew.

As Montanari writes in the CD booklet, “Trovesi grasps the power and refinement of a language that passes in the blink of an eye from Dufay to Purcell, arriving at jazz without ever losing the profound meaning of a musical fabric whose primary motive is universal communication."

1. The Witches Dance
2. Dissolvenze Convergenti
3. Consonanze Stravaganti
4. For A While
5. Kyrie I
6. L'ometto Disarmato
7. Dido's Lament 'When I Am Laid In Earth'
8. Ouverture
9. Sonata Decima Sopra 'Cavalletto Zoppo'
10. Suave Melodia
11. Karaib's Berger
12. The Triumphing Dance
13. De Vous Abandoner
14. Mille Regretz
15. Bergheim