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Gregory Porter

Water (CD)

Gregory Porter's debut studio album Water was released in 2010 under the MotémaMusic label, and will be re-issued on Blue Note on April 8, 2022. The album was recorded in the summer of 2009. The tracks include love stories, such as "Illusion" and "Pretty", or protest for African-American civil rights, such as "1960 What?" which recounts the 1967 Detroit riots. Gregory Porter also covers saxophonist Wayne Shorter's "Black Nile" with added lyrics. He also did an a cappella rendition of "Feeling Good", made famous by Nina Simone in particular. Water was hailed by fans and critics alike, elevating Gregory Porter to the status of the next great male jazz star and marking the beginning of his successful career.


1. Illusion
2. Pretty
3. Magic Cup
4. Skylark
5. Black Nile
6. Wisdom
7. 1960 What?
8. But Beautiful
9. Lonely One
10. Water
11. Feeling Good