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Allira Wilson / Harry Mitchell / Ben Vanderwal / Karl Florisson

I Am Like The Rain: The Music of Paul Simon (CD)

"The Sounds of Silence," "Graceland," "Mrs Robinson," "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover" – Paul Simon has one of the richest and most-loved catalogue of songs of any songwriter who ever lived.

On I Am Like the Rain, a quartet of Australia’s most exciting jazz performers have reimagined these iconic works, with gorgeous late-night arrangements that celebrate Simon’s artistry while revealing new aspects to these songs you’ve heard a hundred times before.

Vocalist Allira Wilson is one of Australia’s most exciting talents, skilfully combining jazz harmony with a contemporary edge and soulful dynamic. Her exquisite voice and sensitive, nuanced phrasing draw out all the beauty, melancholy and humour in these songs, combining effortlessly with Harry Mitchell’s piano playing and arrangements.

These songs are effortlessly brought into the jazz sound world thanks to Mitchell’s arrangements, and some superb playing by Ben Vanderwal (drums and percussion) and Karl Florisson (double bass). The album also features beautiful guitar playing by guests Carl Morgan and Harry Winton, all warmly enveloped in Vanderwal’s lush, sensitive production.

At times upbeat and fun, at times dripping with wistfulness and regret, this is a gorgeous album that pays homage to one of the great songwriters.

1. Kathy’s Song
2. Mrs Robinson
3. Baby Driver
4. Bleecker Street
5. Graceland
6. Still Crazy After All These Years
7. Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard
8. The Sounds of Silence
9. Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover
10. Scarborough Fair / Canticle