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Joan Sutherland

Lehar: Merry Widow - Highlights Sung in English (CD)

Although Sutherland and Bonynge gave many memorable performances of The Merry Widow on stage, they never recorded it completely. However, this recording – sung in English – offers a choice collection of the opera’s ‘greatest hits’, including "Vilja," the famous waltz and some of the big scenes in the operetta.

The Merry Widow (highlights)

A highly respectable wife … Look, now’s our chance
Gentlemen, no more
I’m off to Chez Maxime … My very heave Fatherland
Proceed. One girl has almond eyes
Ladies choice! Did you hear the welcome voice?
Vilja song – Let’s all now waken memories
Such a silly soldier boy … Heija! See the cavalry
Love in my heart was dying
This march should last at least a year
The Cake Walk
I was born by cruel fate
We’re the famous maxime playgirls
Love unspoken, Faith unbroken

Joan Sutherland
Valerie Masterson
John Brecknock
Werner Krenn
Francis Egerton
John Fryatt
Graeme Ewer
Regina Resnik

Ambrosian Singers
National Philharmonic Orchestra
Richard Bonynge