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John Coltrane

A Love Supreme Live in Seattle (CD)

A newly-discovered, never-before-heard, nor known to exist private live recording of the most iconic suite in Jazz.

After Coltrane first recorded A Love Supreme in the studio in December 1964, once with his famous Classic Quartet and once with a sextet, we know he seldom chose to perform it: once at a French jazz festival in the summer of ’65, which was recorded and later released, and a year later at a fundraiser in a Brooklyn church, which was not. This recording offers the first evidence of the master of spiritual expression performing his signature work in the close confines of a jazz club.“This is like a Da Vinci scholar discovering another Mona Lisa” – NPR (National Public Radio).

1. A Love Supreme, Pt. I – Acknowledgement 2. Interlude 1 3. A Love Supreme, Pt. II – Resolution 4. Interlude 2 5. A Love Supreme, Pt. III – Pursuance 6. Interlude 3 7. Interlude 4 8. A Love Supreme, Pt. IV – Psalm