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Julian Lage

View With A Room (CD)

Guitar virtuoso Julian Lage expands his horizons on View With A Room, a collection of 10 compelling original compositions that marks his second release for Blue Note Records.

Having established a home base with his brilliant and deeply attuned trio of bassist Jorge Roeder and drummer Dave King - most recently heard on the guitarist’s acclaimed 2021 Blue Note debut Squint - Lage casts his gaze outward to discover new orchestrational possibilities with the addition of six-string icon Bill Frisell, who adds his inimitable voice to this stunning album.

1. Tributary
2. Word For Word
3. Auditorium
4. Heart Is A Drum
5. Echo
6. Chavez
7. Temple Steps
8. Castle Park
9. Let Every Room Sing
10. Fairbanks