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Ludovico Einaudi

Le Onde (CD)

This is Einaudi’s first solo piano album and the track Le Onde was his first big hit. Einaudi took inspiration for the piece Le Onde from the novel The Waves by Virginia Woolf. The album is full of undulating, hypnotic melody that evokes images of the rhythms and patterns of the ocean.


1. Canzone Popolare (Francia1500 ca.)
2. Le Onde
3. Lontano
4. Ombre
5. La Linea Scura
6. Tracce
7. Questa Notte
8. Sotto Vento
9. Dietro L'incanto
10. Onde Corte
11. La Profondità Del Buio
12. Passaggio
13. L'ultima Volta