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Ludovico Einaudi

Undiscovered Vol. 2 (2CD)

Ground-breaking composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi announces the release of a new collection of hidden gems from his rich and extensive back catalogue. 

Following on from 2020’s Vol 1., Undiscovered Vol. 2 contains tracks hand-picked from Ludovico, including tracks never before made available physically, including a new solo piano version of "Experience," his most beloved track globally.

1. Lady Labyrinth [Nightbook (Exclusive)] 2. Canzone Africana IV [I Giorni] 3. Ascolta [Divenire (Deluxe Edition)] 4. The Room [Cloudland] 5. Julia [Eden Roc] 6. Dolce Droga [Una Mattina] 7. Laissez Moi En Paix [Diario Mali] 8. Ascent - Day 4 [Seven Days Walking] 9. Password [Eden Roc] 10. Monday [Divenire (Deluxe Edition)] 11. Song for Gavin [Elements (Deluxe)] 12. Bever [In a Time Lapse] 13. DNA [Una Mattina] 14. Stella del mattino [I Giorni] 15. Experience (Solo Piano) 16. Limbo [I Giorni] 17. Nuvole Nere [Una Mattina] 18. Bella Notte [I Giorni] 19. Walk (Phaeleh Remix) [In a Time lapse (Deluxe)]