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Luke Howard

All Of Us (CD)

All Of Us is not only an exquisite portrait of isolation, loss, resistance and reconciliation, accompanied by piano, orchestra and electronics in bold and rich shades, but the quarantine theme also frames the album.

In this strange, unsettling and unexpected world, he drew on French writer Albert Camus' classic 1947 absurdist novel The Plague, in which the prescient tale of a plague ravaging the Algerian city of Oran is an existential allegory of vulnerability of humanity and its inability to control its own destiny.

If All Of Us qualifies as a concept album, it's strictly non-narrative and non-verbal; more "inspired by" than "based on", although the album and track titles are from Camus' book.

Critical Spirit
A Different Idea of Love
A World of Abstractions
An Hour Off for Friendship
The Compass of a Telegraph
The Closing of the Gates
The Opening of the Gates
The Moment Only
The Vast Indifference of the Sky
I Was Very Fond of You, But Now I'm So Tired
A Language Forgotten
A Faint Qualm for the Future
The End of the First Period
A Collective Destiny