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Mark Padmore, Mitsuko Uchida

Schubert: Schwanengesang (CD)

With a lifetime’s experience, the tenor Mark Padmore, and the pianist Mitsuko Uchida present two of the ultimate works of the lieder repertoire. Mitsuko’s last album won the 2022 Piano Gramophone Award and the long-celebrated pianist is one of the world’s leading interpreters of Schubert, alongside Beethoven’s only song cycle, the ideal coupling. Mark Padmore CBE is world-renowned for his lieder.

“Of all the great piano soloists turned accompanists in this music, [Uchida] remains the most interesting. Padmore meanwhile made this a vocal journey of existential discovery alongside a textbook lesson in dynamics and the treatment of words.” – The Guardian

“Two Schubert masters... It’s difficult to avoid superlatives when writing about Mitsuko Uchida and Mark Padmore. Especially when it comes to Schubert.” – The New York Times

1. Auf dem Hügel sitz ich spähend
2. Wo die Berge so blau
3. Leichte Segler in den Höhen
4. Diese Wolken in den Höhen
5. Es kehret der Maien, es blühet die Au
6. Nimm sie hin denn, diese Lieder

7. Liebesbotschaft
8. Kriegers Ahnung
9. Frühlingssehnsucht
10. Ständchen
11. Aufenthalt
12. In der Ferne
13. Abschied
14. Der Atlas
15. Ihr Bild
16. Das Fischermädchen
17. Die Stadt
18. Am Meer
19. Der Doppelgänger
14. Die Taubenpost