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Max Richter

From Sleep (CD)

Max Richter's landmark 8.5 hour work SLEEP in an abridged 90 min. version. The SLEEP project explores new ways for music and consciousness to interact, a personal lullaby for a frenetic world...a manifesto for a slower pace of existence.

Sold out performances at such venues as the Sydney Opera House, Philharmoniede Paris, Grand Park in Los Angeles, New York City's Spring Studios, London's Barbican and Amsterdam's Concertgebouw are a testament to the work's international acclaim.

The glacially-paced movements slide in and out of focus throughout the concert inviting the audience to experience what Richter essentially considers a protest against our relentlessly 'switched on' lives. Offering the unique opportunity to participate in this confrontation of our mechanised way of living.


1.Richter: Dream 3 (in the midst of my life)
2.Richter: Path 5 (delta)
3.Richter: Space 11 (Invisible Pages Over)
4.Richter: Dream 13 (minus even)
5.Richter: Space 21 (petrichor)
6.Richter: Path 19 (yet frailest)
7.Richter: Dream 8 (late and soon)