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Max Richter

Voices (CD)

Decca are delighted to present VOICES - a brand new project from acclaimed composer, pianist, producer, and collaborator, Max Richter, to be released on July 31. VOICES is comprised of 56 minutes (10 tracks) of material featuring orchestra, choir, solo soprano, solo violin, solo piano and electronics.

The narrated text has been adapted from the UN Declaration and is read by acclaimed US actor Kiki Layne (If Beale Street Could Talk). Also featuring the 1949 Recording of the preamble to the declaration by Eleanor Roosevelt.


CD 1

1. All Human Beings
2. Origins
3. Journey Piece
4. Chorale
5. Hypocognition
6. Prelude 6
7. Murmuration
8. Cartography
9. Little Requiems
10. Mercy


CD 2

1. All Human Beings (Voiceless Mix)
2. Origins (Voiceless Mix)
3. Journey Piece (Voiceless Mix)
4. Chorale (Voiceless Mix)
5. Hypocognition (Voiceless Mix)
6. Prelude 6 (Voiceless Mix)
7. Murmuration (Voiceless Mix)
8. Cartography (Voiceless Mix)
9. Little Requiems (Voiceless Mix)
10. Mercy (Voiceless Mix)