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Melbourne Symphony Orchestra / Nigel Westlake

Babe – Orchestral Soundtrack (CD)

Marking 20 years since Babe first appeared on cinema screens, ABC Classic presents a brand new recording of the orchestral soundtrack, conducted by the score’s original composer Nigel Westlake. The result is a showcase for the sheer brilliance of the legendary score, bursting with joy and optimism.

1. This is a Tale
2. The Pig and the Farmer
3. The Way Things Are
4. Them Wolves
5. Crime and Punishment
6. The Mechanical Rooster
7. A Pig’s Proper Place
8. May I Call You Mum?
9. Pork is a Nice Sweet Meat
10. The Sheep Rustlers
11. A Pig That Thinks It’s a Dog
12. Away to Me, Pig!
13. The Sheep Pig
14. The Greatest Champion
15. The Seeds of Destiny
16. The Bad Cat
17. Call the Boss
18. That'll Do
19. If I Had Words Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Nigel Westlake conductor