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Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Heart Of Night (CD)

These concertos by leading Australian composer Ross Edwards received standing ovations in the concert hall; now they are committed to CD for the first time. Classical music, says Edwards, ‘needs to actually seduce people,’ and these three ravishing concertos, featuring virtuoso soloists Riley Lee on the shakuhachi (Japanese flute), oboist Diana Doherty and clarinettist David Thomas, are a delight to the senses.


Bird Spirit Dreaming – Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra

1. I. Wild Bird
2. II. Serenade and Love Duet
3. III. The Dance of Life Diana Doherty oboe The Heart of Night, for shakuhachi and orchestra
4. I. Night Music
5. II. Journey into the Night Riley Lee shakuhachi Clarinet Concerto
6. I. Introduction and First Dance
7. II. Magic Distance
8. III. Final Dance David Thomas clarinet Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Arvo Volmer conductor