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Melody Gardot

Sunset In The Blue (CD)

The story of Grammy Award nominated vocalist, guitarist and pianist Melody Gardot is remarkable; she's persevered against abject adversity throughout her life and is blessed with a beautiful alto voice and grand insight as a songwriter. In April of 2020 Gardot made international headlines by calling out to artists around the globe to raise awareness for musicians, whose livelihoods have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Her stunning new single ‘Little Something’ launches our campaign into Melody’s album, Sunset In The Blue. An exquisite collection of originals and covers, all centred around love and collaboration.

1. If You Love Me
2. C’est Magnifique
3. There Where He Lives In Me
4. Love Song
5. You Won’t Forget Me
6. Sunset In The Blue
7. Um Beijo
8. Niguem Niguem
9. From Paris With Love
10. Ave Maria
11. Moon River
12. I Fall In Love Too Easily
13. Little Something with Sting