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Nat Bartsch

Forever, And No Time At All (CD)

Melbourne-based pianist and composer Nat Bartsch spent a decade writing, recording, performing and touring with her jazz ensemble Nat Bartsch Trio. But she has now shifted her focus to the creation of chamber music and solo piano music combining post-classical and contemporary jazz influences. But when she became a parent herself in 2017 she began to consider the potential of composing a new set of works specifically for babies and their parents (particularly those who find repeats of Twinkle Twinkle on the baby monitor infuriating).

The result is Forever, and No Time At All, a gorgeous album of quiet, hypnotic, simple piano pieces - often written with one hand while her baby Will was in the other. Quiet but full of personality, intricately-composed but beautifully simple, background music that will make you sit up and listen, Forever, and No Time At All is a fascinating and soothing experience that will intrigue children of all ages.

1. Breathing In and Out 2. Guy Smiley 3. Forever, and No Time At All 4. Rockabye 5. Lights and Shadows 6. Grizzlepot 7. Here I Am, Just For You 8. And Until Tomorrow 9. Day Past Due 10. Leap One 11. Lullaby for Hugo 12. The Little Possum 13. Call and Response