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Olafur Arnalds

some kind of peace (LP)

Following the enormous success of re:member, Ólafur Arnalds gets ready to share new music with the world!

Where re:member focused on the technical, the new album – some kind of peace – introduces the intimate, the human.
It truly is Ólafur’s most personal record to date, and even features recordings from significant moments of his life.

The new album perfectly cements Ólafur’s status as an artist who has the ability to dominate both the electronic and modern-classical spheres.

Female vocals are almost omnipresent on the album, be it via singing or samples. Featuring artists include Bonobo, JFDR and Josin.

1. Loom feat. Bonobo
2. Woven Song
3. Spiral
4. Still / Sound
5. Back To The Sky feat. JFDR
6. Zero
7. New Grass
8. The Bottom Line feat. Josin
9. We Contain Multitudes
10. Undone