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Christian Löffler

Parallels: Shellac Reworks By Christian Löffler

With his mix of techno, ambient and acoustic music, DJ/Producer Christian Löffler takes a unique and successful space within the electronic music landscape.

Truly using the full spectrum of available sounds, his music is characterized by a beautiful use of acoustic instruments, layering and alternating them into mesmerizing works, and warm, enveloping atmospheres.

His unique style makes him a well-loved collaborator and he has (been) remixed for and by many artists in the field a.o. Max Cooper, Grandbrothers, Francesco Tristano, Martin Kohlstedt.

For PARALLELS Löffler reworked some of Deutsche Grammophon’s early Shellac Recordings. With his unique production Löffler adds another layer of artistic interpretation to the composers’ scores, as well as to the original recordings from 100 years ago.
He has hand-picked the digitized recordings for his reworks, creating a collection that stretches from Bach to Bizet.

1. Parsifal 2. Moldau 3. Dir Jehova 4. Gavotte 5. Nocturne 6. Nadir 7. Pastoral 8. Funebre 9. Freiyheit 10. Fate