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Pat Metheny Group

Travels (2CD)

ECM reissues Pat Metheny Group’s 1983 Grammy-Award-winning first live album Travels.

“Now well into its gliding Brazilian-tinged mode, the Pat Metheny Group hits the road, as this two-CD set catches the band live in Dallas, Philadelphia, Hartford, Sacramento, and Nacogdoches, TX. Percussionist Naná Vasconcelos is still listed as a "special guest," but ever since Wichita Falls, he had not only been a part of the group, he was the transforming element in the Metheny "sound," adding his various shakers, effects and ethereal vocals.” – AllMusic

CD 1
1. Are You Going With Me?
2. The Fields, The Sky
3. Goodbye
4. Phase Dance
5. Straight On Red
6. Farmer's Trust

CD 2
1. Extradition
2. Goin' Ahead / As Falls Wichita, So Falls
3. Travels
4. Song For Bilbao
5. San Lorenzo