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Patrizio Buanne

The Neapolitan (CD)

Australia’s favourite Italian crooner, Patrizio Buanne, releases his first studio album in three years, The Neapolitan, on 20 October 2023 on Decca Australia.

The release of The Neapolitan coincides with Patrizio’s arrival in Australia to perform with fellow crossover powerhouse Il Divo, as they embark on a national tour promoted by TEG Dainty.

Since becoming a father a few years ago, Patrizio is delighted to release his new album as it reflects his most personal recording offering, paying tribute to his Neapolitan heritage. Fatherhood has led Patrizio to reflect about his cultural homeland, Naples, and what it means to consider himself Neapolitan.

“This album is a step deeper into my heart and soul,” says Patrizio. “These songs are the core and essence of my cultural and artistic existence. My heritage, my pride, my most intimate project that I have recorded because I am as Neapolitan as these songs.”

1. Anema e core
2. Reginella
3. Indifferentemente
4. 'O surdato 'nnamurato
5. Maruzzella
6. Santa Lucia
7. I' te vurria vasa
8. 'O paese d' 'o sole
9. Jammo bella tarantella
10. Munasterio e' Santa Chiara
11. Marechiaro
12. Quando penso a Napoli
13. Santa Lucia luntana