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Ralph Alessi

It's Always Now (CD)

Ralph Alessi's fourth appearance as a leader for the label follows a singular album run that's been met with nothing but praise from The New York Times to The Guardian. On his new album, Alessi's unique tone is as limber, piercing and present as ever, enveloped by a fresh quartet line-up - pianist Florian Weber, Bänz Oester on bass and drummer Gerry Hemingway - that navigates through the trumpeter's idiosyncratically swinging compositions with a sixth sense.

1. Hypnagogic 2. Old Baby 3. Migratory Party 4. Residue 5. The Shadow Side 6. It's Always Now 7. Diagonal Lady 8. His Hopes, His Fears, His Tears 9. Everything Mirrors Everything 10. Portion Control 11. Ire 12. Hanging by a Thread 13. Tumbleweed