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Raymond Leppard

Cavalli: La Calisto (2CD)

Raymond Leppard’s second and more renowned contribution to the modern revival of Cavalli: a classic among Baroque opera recordings which won the coveted Rosette award from the Penguin Record Guide.

In 1651, seven years after Ormindo, Cavalli and his librettist Faustini scored another hit with the hungry but demanding Venetian opera public with a tale from Ovid’s ‘Metamorphoses‘. The change that all of Ovid’s central characters undergo, is in this case, suffered by the nymph Calisto who is rejected by the goddess Diana, turned into a bear by the Furies and back into a human by Jupiter who finally sets her among the stars in reward for her patience and her love.

La Calisto

La Natura – Marjorie Biggar
L’Eternità – Enid Hartle
Il Destino – Teresa Cahill

Giove – Ugo Trama
Mercurio – Peter Gottlieb
Calisto – Ileana Cotrubas
Endimione – James Bowman
Diana – Janet Baker
Linfea – Hugues Cuénod
Satirino – Janet Hughes
Pane – Federico Davià
Silvano – Owen Brannigan
Giunone – Teresa Kubiak
Eco – Isla Brodie

Glyndebourne Festival Opera Chorus
London Philharmonic Orchestra
Raymond Leppard