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Rob Grant

Lost At Sea (LP)

Rob Grant, father of global superstar Lana Del Rey, is releasing his first ever album Lost At Sea. A stunning solo piano album featuring Lana Del Rey vocals in two tracks.

1. Moon Rise over the Ocean 2. Setting Sail on a Distant Horizon 3. Lost at Sea (feat. Lana Del Rey) 4. The Texture of Dreams 5. The Poetry of Wind and Waves 6. A Beautiful Delirium 7. Deep Ocean Swells 8. My Deep Blue Dream 9. Reflections of Light on Water 10. In the Dying Light of Day: Requiem for Mother Earth 11. A Delicate Mist Surrounds Me 12. The Mermaids’ Lullaby 13. Song of the Eternal Sea 14. Hollywood Bowl (feat. Lana Del Rey)